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Meanz Chan

Meanz (Mints) Chan, 陳 明 敏, is a Chinese American multimedia artist that has developed striking art through the mediums of photography, illustration and graphic design. She is a creative force in Iowa and her newest work is titled “WOC Iowa”, a compelling and necessary representation of women of color in Iowa.

Judy standing in front of the camera with her hands reaching out in front of her face.
Judy 지영 (Ji Young) Lee, 26 years old, Korean American

“WOC Iowa is a passion project I’m working on to showcase, focus and center the gaze on WOC in Iowa. I want to reach out and have an open, honest and deep conversation about cultural identity and to draw parallels from our experiences while understanding the differences. I was pushed to start this series because of my own enlightenment and reeducation about the way I see the world as a WOC. I’ve always felt isolated and othered but lately I’ve been finding other voices through social media that are putting words to my thoughts and it’s been a very emotional and eye opening journey. I started this series so that I could show off the WOC/POC that live in Iowa. I know we are out here, and I want others to feel less isolated. I want to tell our stories – stories that we don’t really talk about a lot because we haven’t felt like we’ve been able to. I want to dig deep and have real, true, honest conversations about cultural identity and whitewashing.”

Rajaa looking at the camera with a serious look on her face. She is wearing a white sweater and brown hat.
MahaRajaa Malikah Daaiyah Camp-Bey (Dye-ee-yuh), 23 years old, Moorish American
Eliana pulling her hair up with a spotlight on her face.
Eliana Jazovi Lowry (Ellie Aw-nah) (ha-so-vee), 23 years old, Ecuadorian American

Follow the hashtag: #wociowa
Are you a WOC with ties to Iowa? Want to be a part of the series? Send Meanz an email!

Meanz’s Website
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POC Iowa Instagram

Meanz’s Art Facebook

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Meanz shared her goals for the project and for her upcoming work:

  • Talk to/photograph 100 WOC for the series in 2019
  • Keep working on centering POC/WOC in her work
  • Reading/educating herself on Intersectionality

It is essential that white communities share, support and lift up the voices and stories of women and people of color.

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