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MahaRajaa Malikah Daaiyah Camp-Bey

Image shows Rajaa squatting in front of a white background with a bra and underwear on, knee boots, sunglasses and a beret.
Photo by Emmanuel Hollins (@legroomproductions)
Styled by Rajaa Camp-Bey

Describe yourself and your work.

I would describe myself as a creator in my own right. Meaning I am not a singer, dancer, painter, model; no, I am an artist. A person who creates in all forms. So you will see me being all the above and then some! I’ve always had a passion for fashion, so lately I’ve been intertwining my love for fashion & creation with the joy of photography. Creating looks & sets, diving into creative direction.

Image shows a group of polaroids with different angles of the same model, who is holding an orange bouquet.
Model: Shukree Patton (@kree.marqion)
Photo by Rajaa Camp-Bey
Styled by and Makeup by Rajaa Camp-Bey
Bouquet by Rajaa Camp-Bey

Why do you think of the artistic community/supporting local artists in Iowa is so important?

The artistic community here in Des Moines has grown so much! And it’s so important to keep the art community alive in this city! I mean let’s be real, it’s one of the best things going for this place! In a city/state that seems so black & white, what would it be without its graffiti artists, its musicians, events like 80|35 and local artists of all kinds? Art is the culture of Iowa. Supporting local artists is uplifting the heartbeat of what makes this place so colorful.

What makes you magic? Because you are!

Something that makes me magical is my ability to find my strength in my vulnerability. It allows me to see the beauty in myself and all around me.

Image shows Rajaa sitting in a red velvet chair, wearing a yellow jumpsuit with plants in front of her.
Photo by Alyssa Leicht (@alyssaleicht)
Styled by Amelia Jondle (
Clothes provided by Olivia Jondle (

Who else do you think we should lift up? Give someone a shout out!

Someone who I think deserves some uplifting artistically is definitely Amelia Jondle aka @pecheandplump on Instagram! She’s been an inspiration to me with her ambition and passion for creation.

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