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Jess V

Jess V
Photo by Darin Miceal

Name: My name is Jessica Leilani Cecelia Villegas. My solo project is Jess V and I tend to go by that name in general. 

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Do you have any events coming up?

A lot!! I play bass and sing backup in Foxholes (@foxholesmusic) and we are playing March 15 at the (Vaudeville) Mews.

I play Jess V at Matt and Michelle’s in Indianola, and another Jess V set on April 3rd at the (Vaudeville) Mews, and another on April 6th with Major Zero at the Hull Ave Tap. 

In addition to all the music, I have an art show going up at The Lift in May!!

Created by Jess V

Any places we can access or see your work right now? 

I have a website for my art: Click Here

You can find some of my music stuff on Instagram: @jessveeeee and on Bandcamp: Click Here

Also, Foxholes Instagram: @foxholesmusic 

Why do you think the artistic community in Iowa is so important?

We keep hope alive here. We can show people other perspectives and I think it’s very important to continue to try to educate people through art.  

What do you think is important for our community to do better when it comes to supporting local artists and musicians? 

Go to shows, buy art, buy music and tell everyone about the art you love!

Jess V
Photo by Darin Miceal

Describe yourself & describe your work!

I paint and draw things I know and feel. The same goes for any music I write. I try to live a life of transparency and truth and this comes through in my art and music.  

Who else do you think we should lift up? Give someone/an organization a shout-out!

Meanz Chan is AMAZING.

What makes you magic?

Life and honesty make me magic. 
Community means conversations!! The more we talk to each other and learn, the better we can make this world. 

”Not Your Token”
Created by Jess V

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