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Teri Underhill

Photo by Taylor Voitel

Name: My full name is Teri Rosalani Underhill. My stage name is Teri Underhill.

Pronouns:My pronouns are she/her/hers.

Describe yourself and what you do:

I am a queer, mixed, fat woman. I’m a singer/songwriter that plays the ukulele and sings about my truth. I write about heartbreak, mental illness, everything I am feeling and going through. I do not hold back. I’m passionate about women’s rights, anything with women such as having our voices be heard. I’m passionate about LGBTQ+ safety and rights. I’m passionate about body positivity, as well as having people know that everyone deserves respect and love regardless of appearance.

Photo by Abby Wolfe

Why do you think the artistic community in Iowa is so important?

Art is important everywhere no matter how big or small a place is. Art is what represents people. Art is emotion, sound, colors, clothes, music notes, voice. Art is human. Art tells stories and history and it tells the truth. Art tells the truth a lot of times without saying anything and that is so important.

What do you think is important for our community to do better when it comes to supporting local artists and musicians? How can our community lift you up and support you?

If you truly support an artist, go to their shows. Local art isn’t expensive but it should be treated as rich and just as important as someone global. It is usually only 5 to 10 dollars to support a show for a few hours. Buy the art whether it is music or a painting. Comment on an artist’s post and let them know *publicly* that you care and are there for them. SHARE THEIR WORK TO FRIENDS AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Share and show up! That is how you can truly support an artist.

You can lift me up by sharing my work, commenting on my work and showing up to any gigs I have.

Photo by Janelle Nagel

Who else should we lift up?

I want to shout-out Tevka Lackmann. She is an AMAZING artist! She actually painted my ukulele that I currently perform with. She’s brilliant with all art and is so young too. I’ve known her since I was about 7 years old and she is the kindest, most adventurous and most creative soul I know. She is absolutely brilliant.

I also want to give a shout-out to Elly Hofmaier. I’ve known her since I was a freshman in high-school and I look up to her. I remember performing a solo, as a freshman, and she was a junior or senior and she just bowed down to me afterwards saying I was a queen. That was a big deal because EVERYONE knows who she is! She has a beautiful, soulful, jazz voice and she has brilliant control vocally. I know she supports me 100% and I support her 100%. She’s a badass woman that has my back and I want the world to have hers in return.

What makes you magic?

I’m magic because I’m always myself. If you’re not yourself, you’re just dust.

Do you have any events coming up?

I am performing a show with musician Clair Voyant at The Waverly, April 24th (9:30 – midnight).

Photo by Leona Underhill

Where can we see and listen to your work right now?

The majority of my music is on my Youtube:

Teri Underhill’s YouTube

You can also follow my Facebook page:

SoundCloud: Teri Underhill’s SoundCloud

BandCamp:Teri Underhill’s BandCamp

Photo by Shiara Nivana Crilly

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