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Art Week DSM: The Prelude Art Showcase, June 22nd

Prelude Art Showcase Poster
Created by Summer Mills

The Prelude Art Showcase is curated by local artist, Summer Mills. This is Summer’s first event as part of Art Week DSM and it will include work from fourteen artists, with a variety of mediums represented. The showcase will be hosted at the Scenic Route Bakery in Des Moines and the opening will be June 22nd from 5-8 pm.

Summer Mills

Artists Included: Sage Anderson, Sky Bussanmas, April Jeske, Derrick Lambertz, Jen Leatherby, Luck Magazine, Cecilia Mitchell, Heather Morphew-Nelson, Kipp Paulsen, Amy Putney-Koenig, Allie Reber, Tim Tucker, Tatum Vermeer and Amy Wonderlin.

Summer shared that she wanted to create an event that supported artists from an array of backgrounds and artistic focuses. She wants to create an environment that lifts up local artists and their creations.

Name: Summer Jo-Lee Mills

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Describe yourself & the work you do.

I’m a very vibrantly unique person. I take a lot of pride in anything I set my mind to. My artwork is heavily influenced by human nature. Everything about our body, our body language, our facial structure, our facial expressions and the emotions that are conveyed through that are very unique to humans and something I have set a goal for myself to try and capture. I am still very young and learning my style preferences so everything is very experimental at this point. I’m just having fun and throwing things out to the public that I hope they like. Because I like it. 

Summer Mills

Why do you think the artistic community in Iowa is so important?

Art is interpreted by any viewer regardless of their first language, their cultural background, their upbringing, etc. it is the most important aspect of human communication. An artistic community is important anywhere.  Especially with all of the inner battle that comes along with being a creator. To have a very integrated and inclusive community is amazing, you have similar people to you that understand your doubts/daily monologue and can support you through that. 

What do you think is important for our community to do better when it comes to supporting local artists and musicians? 

I believe our community could do better with providing spaces and events to showcase newer artists and their work, even if they have nothing “gallery worthy”. That’s what I am trying to showcase at Prelude, a gathering of artists from different spots in their artistic journey, and that’s what I honestly admire about Uplift Iowa and things similar. I believe Des Moines has had so much growth over the last five years and is moving in the right direction of inclusivity. 

How can our community lift you up and support you?

Honesty and constructive criticism. Something I’ve enjoyed learning as I venture into adulthood is to accept and absorb criticism. I believe there’s always room to learn and grow and if we treat this “artist” thing as a constant art course, I believe we could all lift and support each other and have a lot of fun. 

Who else do you think we should lift up? Give someone a shoutout!

My hairstylist, Sky

They are first and foremost a hair wizard. I absolutely adore their vision and creativity with hair, and is something that is pretty under appreciated as an art form. 

Not to mention they also do SUPER awesome water color/mixed media work. AND they are a talent buyer for Lefty’s Live Music. They are truly a force to be reckoned with and they are going to do great things to this city and community. 

What makes you magic?

My level of empathy. 

Details of your event:

Prelude will be June 22nd from 5pm-8pm at the Scenic Route Bakery. I have curated artists that cover (as most as possible) all mediums of art. I hope to reach an extremely wide demographic, given the venue and the bakery’s wide customer base. I hope to entertain everyone who visits by at least one of the artists I have chosen to display their work. These artists are people who are very hard working, talented, and maybe even undiscovered. 

Where can we access your work?

Most of my work is posted on my Instagram. Summer’s Instagram Account

Summer Mills
Scenic Route Bakery
Scenic Route Bakery

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