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Art Week DSM: Valerie Van Horne, River City Art and Music

Photo taken by Karla Conrad

What is your name: Valerie Van Horne

What are your pronouns? She/Her/Hers

Describe yourself & the work you do:

I promote and support Iowa Creatives through social media, a website and public events such as Riverview Artist Salon. It is my personal mission to elevate their status by providing them with a center for networking, public engagement, new ideas, personal development and artistic growth.  I provide them with an opportunity to share their sound, words, passion and works during two hour programs held five times a year at the Des Moines Social Club’s, The Basement.  Programming includes time for networking, spoken word, art advocacy, community outreach, creative showcase and either a month long, or pop-up art show/exhibition.  I graduated from Iowa State with a B.S. in Hotel/Restaurant Management and had a lengthy career in conference center, catering, special event and hotel management. I currently work for the State of Iowa and live at Phenix School Apartments for Artists. I have been an artist all my life using many different mediums in many different capacities.

Photo taken by Karla Conrad

Why do you think the artistic community in Iowa is so important? 

What is life without art?  Everything you see was created by an Artist.  Many times what you see was made by an Artist in another state or country.  Iowa has thousands of extremely talented and and truly gifted artists from all disciplines. Isn’t it about time that Iowa finds out who they are?  Recognizes their talents and sources their products, projects, etc. using Iowa’s creative pool? I think so. Iowa Artists can help build Iowa’s future. Who better to know about the challenges and gifts that Iowa has than an Iowa Artist?  Someone who knows what Iowa is all about. They help build communities, bring value to neighborhoods, opportunities to learn and grow for our children, open and expand creative ideas. I could go on and on. Iowa’s artistic community is extremely important and I wish more people could see that.

What do you think is important for our community to do better when it comes to supporting local artists and musicians? 

Our communities need to show up more often for art openings, concerts, plays, events and the myriad of other wonderful and amazing happenings occurring every day of the week, 365 days a year.  I guarantee that after someone attends one creative event outside what they typically do on a weeknight or weekend, they will be pleasantly surprised, amazed and looking for more!

Photo taken by Karla Conrad

How can our community lift you up and support you? 

I am a one woman operation, working a full time job, looking after an aging parent and devoting my nights and weekends to promoting Iowa Creatives and preparing for Riverview Artist Salon events. Volunteer help is always appreciated and spreading the word about River City Art and Music and Riverview Artist Salon makes my heart and soul sing!

Who else do you think we should lift up? Give someone/an organization a shout-out! 

Oh my goodness, there are so many!  Breanne Barnum of the Barnum Factory, Siobahn Spain of Mainframe, Lenore Metrick Chen of Drake, anyone at the Young Women’s Resource Center, Teresa Zilk with Stories to Tell My Daughter, just a few of many.

What makes you magic?

I have an innate ability to connect people that creates synchronistic moments.

Photo by Dan Troxell

Do you have any events coming up?

During Art Week Des Moines, I am hosting:

Riverview Artist Salon 16, Wednesday, June 26th from 7:00p-9:00p at the Des Moines Social Club’s, The Basement. 

The lineup includes Jon E. Duh-Moyne, Slammaster of Des Moines Poetry Slam, Chaden Halfhill of Silent Rivers Design+Build, Lindsay Keast and Jennie Knoebel with the Iowa Arts Council, Adam Winn of Red Door Press, Alyssa Leicht a music and portrait photographer and Robert Moore, a visual artist and art entreprenuer.

Any places we can access or see your work right now?

River City Art and Music Website 

Valerie Van Horne’s Website

Riverview Artist Salon Facebook Page

River City Art and Music Facebook Page

Valerie Van Horne’s Facebook Page

What is your favorite part of Art Week DSM?

My favorite part of Art Week is seeing the local arts community come together through volunteer efforts, corrdinating and planning a week long schedule of over 70 events.  All grass roots efforts.  It’s pretty darn amazing!

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